Live video is not just "another thing" to add to your ever growing to do list, it's THE THING!

The power of live video to build credibility, authority, and income, is undeniable!

If you're not getting the results you're looking for from live video, you're not alone....and it's not your fault!


So many business owners have tried live video with dismal results and just gave up. Not because they are not good enough or it doesn't work.


The thing is, there's a lot of misinformation out there, information out of context, and quick "fixes" that NEVER fix anything!


Knowing how to use a powerful resource like live video is EVERYTHING. 


The difference between success and failure is KNOWING each bit from the beginning through to the exact results you're looking for.

  • Build and grow a community

  • Be seen as credible, reliable, and accessible

  • Connect on a deeper level

  • Stay top of mind


All of which increases loyalty and builds life long customers.

This is why I created Lights, Camera, Fabulous

EVERYTHING you need to start, build, grow, and earn from your live videos


I'll Help you...


  • Conquer tech overwhelm

  • Feel FABULOUS on camera

  • Know EXACTLY what to say and how

  • Get MORE views and engagement

  • Grow your community and your business

Is Automation Domination Frustrating You?


Free yourself from the overwhelm of funnels, opt-ins, landing pages, and email sequences.


I've found the not so secret to success, and it's not another technology bit, it's not the right lead magnet, or a better landing page. Those things definitely have a place, it's just not the first place.


So what does come first...PEOPLE! People come first, always have and always will. If you're not putting people first, it's time for a change.


In today's automation domination society, it's never been more important to connect as a human being to other human beings.


And the fastest most effective way to connect...LIVE video


Lights, Camera, Fabulous Program

Be seen as reliable, credible, and accessible 

For entrepreneurs who want to connect with REAL people WITHOUT the overwhelm of "ALL THE THINGS"


Learn EXACTLY what you â€‹need to use LIVE video confidently and effectively

And feel FABULOUS every step of the way with unparalleled training and support



Fab 5 Confidence Formula

You'll love how the training and support give you clarity of you, your message, and your fabulousness:) so you can go live as yourself with confidence!

Tech De-Stress

You'll love how fabulously simple you can make the tech and still look like a pro! With *lifetime access and updates, you'll always be in the tech know... No matter what new features or improvements come along! With 24/7 cccess and Montly Q & A calls, you'll have support at your finger tips when you need it:)

Content Clarity

You'll love always knowing what to say! Take the stress out of creating a content plan, easily discover topics that interest your community, and present your topics with a simple proven structure:)

Engaging Relationships

You'll love not wasting time on engagement for the sake of engagement! Learn engagement strategies to build valuable relationships with real people who want what you offer.

Authority Formula

You'll love going from unknown to unstoppable. Learn how to use live video position to yourself as the go to authority, build social proof, and create a buzz :)

Lead-ing Strategies

You'll love that there's no pushy selling and no gross spam. Just simple, fun, and effective lead generation for steady growth.

Light, Camera, Fabulous


  • 6 Training Modules (Each module is broken down into 3 to 5 bite size peices)

  • Live Q & A Calls

  • Weekly Challenges

  • Downloads - Guides Worksheets, Checklists, and Templates.

  • 24/7 Community Access

  • *Lifetime Course Access

  • *Lifetime Tech Updates

  • *Lifetime Q & A/Support Calls

    *Lifetime refers to lifetime of the program. As long as this program exists, you'll have access and support. This is my core program, so you're stuck with me ;)




Re-Purposing Your Live Videos

Re-purpose Work Flow

Next Level Tech



6 Weeks Live Training


One Time Investment

6 Live Training Sessions
 Live Q & A Calls
Weekly Challenges
Downloads - Guides Worksheets, Checklists, and Templates.
24/7 Community Access
*Lifetime Course Access
*Lifetime Tech Updates
*Lifetime Q & A/Support Calls



This Program Is NOT For You IF...

  • Tech is your BFF and you love spending ALL your time and energy figuring all the bits out...who needs sanity, right?

  • You already have a massive highly engaged audience that loves you and all your products and services

  • You prefer excuses to solutions

  • You love quick "fixes" that NEVER fix anything

  • You love spending all your time "playing" on social media, because you don't need to make money or grow your business


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