Why Confidence on Camera Makes You Cringe

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Jul 05, 2018

Are you struggling with the idea of using live video streaming because confidence on camera isn't for you?

In the vast online business space we hear a LOT about confidence, how to build confidence, how to do xyz with confidence, and when it comes to live video, confidence on camera is all the buzz! Does all this focus on confidence make you cringe? Let's look at a why this might be happening to you.

You're a heart centered business owner...That's right, when your passion is to serve others and make a difference...putting the focus on your confidence can feel uncomfortable.

Confidence on camera puts the focus on you feel, how you present yourself, you, you, you. 

Even if your not focused on confidence, just putting yourself on camera can make you feel like the center of attention, like it's all about you. So many everyday business owners, just like you, are struggling with the idea of using live video for that reason. 

Live video is a powerful tool that can help you connect with and build a community, so you can serve those who need you. How can you, as a heart centered, service focused business owner utilize this powerful tool when it doesn't feel authentic.

Well, stop focusing on your confidence. If focusing on yourself and making yourself the center of attention doesn't feel comfortable...don't do that! Instead, try focusing on these three things:


1. Your purpose, what is it that you have to say that could have a positive impact on someone else? What can you share, or teach that someone out there needs to know? Focus on using live video as the delivery method for the message, the message is the center of attention, not you.

2. Your belief in others. You wouldn't be doing what you do if you didn't believe that those you serve were capable of learning, implementing, and growing. So go live with confidence in others to receive your message.

3. Connecting others. If building a following seems like a popularity contest...don't do it! Instead focus on building a community to connect others. Creating a supportive place where they can connect, not with you, but with each other. Think of yourself as a community volunteer, not the mayor.

Bonus: Get support for yourself! You know how valuable a supportive community can be for those you serve...It's just as valuable for you!


Stay Fabulous,

Alice xo 

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