Facebook Live Video Engagement - 7 Ways To Optimize Engagement

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Feb 12, 2018

How Important Is Facebook Live Video Engagement?

EXTREMELY important! While there are many strategic outcomes you can achieve through live video, the most important is engagement! Without engagement it’s difficult to achieve any (organic) outcome.  Check out this quote from Facebook:

“Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”

You can read the entire Facebook newsroom update here.

 Generating conversation (engagement) will increase your (organic) reach! This is great news, and it doesn’t cost anything to achieve it!



Engagement should be the main goal for your Facebook live video . That doesn’t mean it’s your ONLY goal, but you’ll have difficulty driving traffic & sales if your live video streaming does not engage and reach the people for which they are intended.

7 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Live Video For Engagement.

1. Be Authentic & Intentional

This trips up so many people…There’s a misconception that being intentional cancels out authenticity…that’s just not true! If you’re goal is to help and provide value...intentionally engaging your audience is the most authentic thing you can do.

 Being intentional helps you to create an environment that makes it easy for your audience to engage with you, and for audience members to interact with each other.

2. Stay Connected! 

Be sure you have a good connection to the internet. If your live is freezing up a lot, people won't stick around long enough to engage.

 3. Good Audio

You don't need an expensive microphone to get decent audio. Using your earbuds is SO much better than no microphone at all...REALLY! Even earbuds will filter some background noise and put your voice front and center. If you sound far away, hollow, and have weird background noises...It makes it difficult for people to understand what the heck your saying. If they can't understand you, they can't respond.

4. Ask No Brainer Questions

Questions that people can answer quickly without thinking to much. Like Where are you tuning in from? Yes or no questions are great for this too! While Facebook's algorithm prefers deeper conversations (sentences) These no brainer questions will warm everyone up and get the ball rolling!

5. Camera Angle

Landscape is better...sorry, it is! Facebook likes it better and so does most video platforms you might use. If you download a portrait style live and upload it anywhere else, you get the black stripes down the side. Also, there's no option on portrait to keep the comments off the video, other than swiping right...which will definitely hinder engagement. Make sure your face is not to low on the screen with lots of empty space above your head. When you're too low it looks awkward and the possibility of comments covering your face is more likely.

6.  Edutainment - It's a word ;)

Make sure what you're talking about is of VALUE to your audience.  Teach them something, share some ah ha moment insights, make them laugh. Don't just talk about your product and/or services...We get enough of that on infomercials when we're up all night trying to quiet our brains ;p 

7. Consistency

I know, you're tired of hearing about consistency . But if you show up live every Wednesday at 9 am (or whatever date/time works for you), your audience will start to look forward to hearing from you. As time goes on, more and more will tune in live! Don't just do it 3 times and say oh, it didn't work for me. Commit to the long game and you'll beat out all the fast an furious sprinters who aren't prepared for the long game!


Bonus Tip! 

Start right away and talk as if there were live viewers! Most of your views will happen on the replay, so engaging the replay viewer is crucial! 

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Still Not Sure Facebook Live is the answer? Here's some food for thought!

Going “LIVE” on Facebook can bring your biz to life like no other Facebook marketing strategy has before…And if you don’t believe it, check out these stats:

  • Video IS The Most Engaging Facebook Format. - Buzzsumo
  • Facebook “LIVE” Videos are Watched 3x’s Longer Than Videos that aren’t “LIVE”. - Facebook Newsroom
  • Users Comment on “LIVE” Videos At 10x’s The Rate Of Regular Videos. - Wired

Stay Fabulous,

Alice xo

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